Learning To Drive
Before learning how to drive you need a valid, signed provisional driving licence. To Apply for a provisional licence you will need a D1 Application form which are available from Post OfficeŽ branches or your local DVLA office. Alternatively you can apply online through www.direct.gov.uk HERE
Remember to have a valid debit or credit card, your UK passport if you have one and details of previous addresses when applying online.
At the end of each lesson pupils will be given an assessment sheet that the instructor has filled in. This allows the instructor to record your progress, allowing for the further tailoring of future lessons to suit the pupils needs, and also allows the pupil track their own progress.
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Pass Plus
Pass Plus is not just a driving lesson; it is aimed at giving you the situations you did not come across during your learner days. The special routes have been chosen and designed with this in mind. It gives experience and helps build skills in driving that would otherwise take years to obtain, ultimately it is designed to make new drivers better drivers. It is backed by the Government, DSA and by most motor insurance companies.
The course comprises six modules that you will take with your instructor after passing your driving test...
  • Town Driving
  • Rural driving
  • All weather driving
  • Night driving
  • Dual carriageways
  • Motorway driving
There is no test upon completion. All sessions just need to be completed to the satisfaction of your instructor, and you will receive a certificate from the DSA, and is most cases be eligible for insurance cover at reduced rates.
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A refresher lesson is for someone who has passed their driving test and holds a full driving licence.
There are many reasons why people need to take a refresher course, ranging from re-learning to drive after an operation or period of not driving, to learning the school run, the route to work, to build up confidence after an accident or general confidence with inner city routes and road systems.
We are specially trained to deal with these requirements sympathetically, tailoring the lessons to the individuals needs.
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Because of the distances covered they are usually 2 hours long. If a pupil has a particular destination or stretch of road in mind this can be arranged
The lessons include:
  • Recognition of road signs and markings
  • Joining and leaving motorways
  • Lane discipline
  • Separation and stopping distances
  • Forward planning
  • Overtaking
  • Weather conditions
  • Breakdown procedures
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DIAmond Advanced Driving
Diamond was established in 1992 by the Driving Instructors Association (DIA) to provide a benchmark for the nations professional driving and riding instructors. Although instructors are periodically checked on their instructional ability, driving standards are not officially checked. Diamond filled the void by providing an advanced driving test modelled precisely upon the DSA test and accredited by them. The Diamond Advanced Test provides pupils with the following benifits:
  • Better driving technique ­ equals less stress
  • The ability to read the road and react to hazards in a planned and systematic way
  • The confidence to cope with driving in adverse conditions
  • Peace of mind that their driving has been tested to the highest standards by qualified professionals
  • The first year's membership of the prestigious MasterDrivers club free
  • Access to 24-hour legal helplines
  • Subscription to DIAmond MasterCard (subject to status)
  • One year's free subscription to Driving, Britain's leading road safety publication for advanced drivers
You can learn more about the DIAmond course from the links below or clicking the DIAmond logo in the links section on each page of this site.
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